The Mission to Seafarers: Canada

Mission to Seafarers: Canada (MTSC) is a Canadian organization of the Station Chaplains and Chairs of Station Board of Directors. It is a region of the world wide Mission to Seafarers. The purpose of MTSC is to promote communication between the stations and to work for the mutual benefit of all the stations in Canada. A station joins Mission to Seafarers: Canada by paying a $300 membership fee. 

The MTSC Board of Directors is Chair - vacant, Capt. Vice-Chair - Jim Pound,  Regional Director - the Rev'd Judith Alltree, Liaison Bishop - the Most Rev'd David Edwards, Secretary - the Rev'd Canon Ed Swayze,  Treasurer - Michael Carter, International Liaison - the Rev'd Canon Andrew Wright, Helen Glenn, and the Rev'd Peter Smyth.

Any correspondence for Mission to Seafarers: Canada should be sent to:

Mission to Seafarers: Canada
Warehouse 52, 8 Unwin Ave.
Toronto, ON  M5A 1A1

Liaison Bishop

The Most  Rev'd David Edwards, Metropolitan Bishop of Canada and Bishop of Fredericton, is the Liaison Bishop for The Mission to Seafarers: Canada. 

Each station in Canada is independently run and the Liaison Bishop's role is to be a resource for the stations and to speak on the Mission to Seafarers' behalf with the Anglican Church of Canada House of Bishops.

Regional Director

The Rev'd Rev'd Judith Alltree is the Regional Director as of October 1, 2019. Judith is also the station chaplain for Mission to Seafarers: Southern Ontario.

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