The Mission to Seafarers: Port of Thunder Bay 

Mission to Seafarers Congregation Representative
Updated 10 Mar 2022

The Mission to Seafarers is an international mission of the Anglican Church and for it to be successful in caring for seafarers, a community of interested people to support it is necessary. The Mission to Seafarers needs your help in making itself known. 

While it is an Anglican mission, we are ecumenical and include other faith groups in our Mission.

The parish or congregation appoints the Mission to Seafarer's Congregation Representative (MTS Congregation Rep) and the parish/congregation is to advise the Mission to Seafarers of the appointment.

If the parish or congregation has made a financial donation to the Mission to Seafarers in the preceding year, the parish/congregation can designate the MTS Congregation Rep as the corporate member of the Society of the Mission to Seafarers, and who would be entitled to vote at a General Meeting [MtS Constitution Article 6.1 (c)].

The role of the MtS Congregation Rep is to represent and promote the Mission to Seafarers in the congregation.

The MtS Congregation Rep should make him or herself knowledgeable about the Mission to Seafarers, including reading the publicity print material, viewing, and attending the public events sponsored by the Mission to Seafarers.

The MtS Congregation Rep will need to shape their role in the parish/congregation based on their situation. He or she could:

1.         Encourage people to volunteer for the Mission to Seafarers, and explain what is involved, see

2.         Facilitate the collection of financial donations, clothing, magazines and pop cans and get them to the Seafarersí Centre.

3.         Ensure that print materials are available to the congregation: 

Please encourage people to fill out the Information for Friends pamphlet, and send it in, which enables them to receive a copy of the newsletter.

These print materials and other literature are available at the Seafarersí Centre for the MtS Congregation Reps to pick up. For large quantities, contact Canon Ed so that sufficient copies may be printed. 

4.         Publicize Mission to Seafarersí public events such as the Volunteer Appreciation Social (last Sunday in January), Annual General Meeting (end of April), Blessing of the Fleet (4th Saturday in June) and Open House (last Sunday in September); check the calendar on the web site for dates.

5.         Coordinate fund-raising activities within the parish such as the Fund-Raising Dinner (April) and Meat Sale (May). Dinner tickets and Meat Sale order forms will be available at the end of February. Offering envelopes for use in congregations are also available at the Seafarers' Centre.

6.         Encourage the observance in the congregation's worship of Sea Sunday (2nd Sunday in July). Intercessions can be made for seafarers and the Mission to Seafarers; see resources, the marinerís hymn 'Eternal Father Strong to Save' can be sung, and publicity material distributed in the bulletin.

7.         Coordinate the collection for the 2nd last Monday of November of items for Christmas gift bags for seafarers, see for suggestions on what to get.

8.         Coordinate the visit of a Mission to Seafarers speaker to the congregation; power point talks are available:

9.         Host the MtS display at least once year. It can be put up during a coffee hour after worship or during a tea.

The Mission to Seafarers will assist the MTS Congregation Rep:

1.         If you require assistance call the Seafarersí Centre (807) 344-8241, the phone is forwarded to Canon Edís cell or a volunteer in his absence.

2.         'Mission Update' will be sent periodically to your email address to keep you informed about the Mission's news; make sure that it doesn't go in your junk folder.

3.         A Port Tour is offered to orient new volunteers to the Port. When it is offered, anyone be go along, contact Canon Ed if interested.

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