The Mission to Seafarers: Port of Thunder Bay

Meat Fund-Raiser 2019
Revised February 13, 2019.
rices for the upcoming year updated in March.

Meat supplied by European Meats
a Thunder Bay company

Mild Legion Sausages

5 lbs $28.00

Hot Legion Sausages

5 lbs $28.00

Cheese Legion Sausages

5 lbs $32.00


8/pkg,  1 lb/pkg $  8.50

Garlic Chub (Kielbasa)

2 lbs  $17.00

Lenkki (Baloney) Ring

  $  7.50

Ham and Garlic Ring (Kielbasa)


Chicken Breast (unseasoned)

4 kg  $54.00

4 oz Beef Patty

42 pcs  $58.00

Strip Loin Steak

8 pcs


People appreciate the quality of the meat we sell through this fundraiser. 
European Meats suppliers
are in Murillo and Western Canada. 
The meat is gluten free and it has no additives or preservatives and 
European Meats makes the sausage using a mixture of beef and pork. 
The hamburger patties are gluten-free.

Orders must be prepaid, a cheque is payable to 'The Mission to Seafarers'. 

Orders must be placed by Monday, April 29 and they will be delivered on Wednesday, May 8.

Each Thunder Bay Anglican parish has a Mission to Seafarers' representative, contact your congregation rep to place your order or 
contact the Mission at 344-8241 or

Please help support our ministry to the seafarers.

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