The Mission to Seafarers: Port of Thunder Bay

How You Can Help

The Mission relies heavily on volunteers for its operation. They find it a very fulfilling activity. Volunteers are needed for watch keeping, driving various tasks at the Seafarers' Centre; go to Volunteer Opportunity.


Our treasurer will retire from this position on December 31, 2021.

Accounting Advice

Our treasurer could use the assistance of a CPA or equivalent. It is possible that someone could give us some time to assist with how to properly handle the finances of the Centre and advise on how to best make of use of QuickBooks?


Would you like to help us with computer/admin work?
We are looking for someone to come in for 2 hours a week who either has background using Microsoft Office or is willing to learn; must also be willing to function as a Watch Keeper and help seafarers who drop into the Centre.

Financial Donations
The Mission to Seafarers: Port of Thunder Bay has a Charitable Registration Number and an Charitable Income Tax Receipt will be issued to donors.  Undesignated donations are applied to the General Fund; see below General Fund and Capital Fund.

To donate:

  • A cheque is made payable to 'The Mission to Seafarers'. A donation may be made at any time by mailing them to:

     The Mission to Seafarers: Port of Thunder Bay
     Suite 450, 100 Main St.
     Thunder Bay, ON  P7B 6R9

  • Interac E-transfer To donate send an e-transfer request through your financial institution to

    In the message, please indicate:

    • which fund you wish your donation to be applied to; for example: General Fund, Capital Fund, or Christmas Gift Bag Fund; 
      (the donation will be applied to the General Fund unless otherwise indicated); or

    • if it is not a donation, but a payment for the Meat Sale or Fund-raising Dinner ticket;

    • your mailing address if we do not have a record of it; and

    • the name of the person making the donation, in case it is different from the person whose name is on the bank account sending the request.

  • Monthly donations may also be made through the Electronic Offering Program. Donor Registration Forms are also available at Anglican parishes.

Individuals who make a financial donation or volunteer and organizations which make a financial donation become a ‘Friend of the Mission to Seafarers', can vote at the General Meeting and receive a newsletter published once a year.

General Fund Revenue


  • Anglican Diocese of Algoma,

  • Thunder Bay Port Authority,

  • Individuals,

  • Anglican parishes and other churches,

  • Service Clubs, and

  • Corporations.


  • Annual Fund-raising Dinner

  • Meat Sale

  • Transfer from investments and bank interest

  • Sale of SIM cards, tuck shop, soft drinks

Drop-off box is by the flagpole 

Donations in Kind
Magazines and clean, used or new, but usable, warm, small to large men's clothing may be put in the drop-off box at the Seafarers' Centre. The Centre is just inside the gate at Keefer Intermodal, which is open Monday to Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m..

Magazines: particularly recent ones, especially newsmagazines. Most welcome are those in other languages such as Spanish, Hindi, Croatian, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, and Tagalong.

Clothing: Clean, used or new, but usable, warm, small to large men's clothing is needed. Seafarers coming in  April to May and October to December are often not dressed for winter conditions. Suggested donations are: sweaters, jackets, T-shirts, mitts and toques.

Pop Cans: The Mission is now accepting pop cans to raise funds. A barrel for the cans is located outside the Seafarers' Centre. For large donations of pop cans, people can take them into Dutchak Recycle Inc, 346-4785, off Hammond Ave (TB Harbour Improvements) and put the cans on the Mission to Seafarers’ account.

General Fund Expenses

2022 total: $57,079  

2021 budget for expenses: $71,052

Aid to Seafarers - Christmas Gift bags, bibles that seafarers may take free of charge, Chaplain's discretion fund for emergency assistance to seafarers.

Seafarers Centre - insurance, equipment, satellite TV, telephones, Internet, supplies, and maintenance.

Van - Fuel, license, insurance, maintenance & repairs, washing and depreciation.

Staff - The Chaplain, the Rev'd Canon Ed Swayze, is hired on the basis of 48.5% of a full-time position, roughly 2 days a week and honorariums for when Canon Ed is out of town and the services of a priest are required.

Community Building - monthly Eucharist and lunch, volunteer and donor recognition, advertising and promotion, newsletter, Blessing of the Fleet, MtS Canada membership fee, and NAMMA fee.

General Administration - office supplies, bank charges, office supplies, printing, professional fees and exchange/round off.

Capital Fund

Our target is to raise $11,000 for the following work at the Seafarers Centre, listed in priority:

As of December 31, 2020 the Capital Fund has $2,957. Funds to replace the furnace will be held in reserve. 

* In 2021 the Board is intending to do these projects as soon as funds are available.

Christmas Gift Bag Fund

We plan to spend $1,000 to purchase items for Christmas Gift Bags, and any funds donated for the gift bags not used, will be carried over to the following year in our Christmas Gift Bag Fund.

Corporate Donor Appreciation

Barb Williams, Past Chair of the Board of Directors,
presenting Donor Appreciation Plaque



Chief Engineer

Chief Officer

Duty Officer


Level of Financial Donation

$3,000 or more

$2,999 to $1,000

$999 to $250

$249 to $100

$99 to $10

Recognition on Web Site and link to site






Port Tour in van during shipping season*






Wall Plaque












Receive a copy of the Annual Report






Recognition in Newsletter






Financial Statement upon request upon request upon request upon request  

 * To receive port tour, the tour must be booked at least two weeks ahead of time. Van can accommodate a maximum of 11 persons including the driver.

Corporate includes any group, organization, business and church.

Publicity Materials

Print Materials

At least one month's notice is required for print materials to be mailed. 

Power Point Presentations

These presentations take 20 to 30 minutes to present. Arrangements can be made for the chaplain or a volunteer to give these presentations or they can be e-mailed to interested people.


Please let us know if you would like to have our display set up for your tea or coffee hour.

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