Atlantic Provinces/St. Lawrence River

The Mission to Seafarers: Port of Halifax
Halifax, Nova Scotia

844 Marginal Road, across from Pier 24

Helen Glenn
Mission Manager

PO Box 27114
Halifax, NS  B3H 4M8
(902) 422-7790 office
(902) 420-9786 fax

Montreal, Quebec

The Mission to Seafarers Chaplain position is vacant. The chaplain works with Mariners' House, non-profit organization that runs a drop-in center for seafarers. Most of the chaplaincy is carried out by the Christian Reform Ministry to Seafarers and a Roman Catholic Chaplain.

Mariners' House
PO Box 128,
Place d'Armes, QC  H2Y 3E9
(514) 849-3234 office

Port of Montreal

Quebec City, Quebec

Port of Quebec

Saint John Seafarers Mission
Saint John, New Brunswick

The chaplain is the Rev'd Eric Phinney,

Bev Sullivan
92 Tilley Lane
Saint John, NB  E2M 5Y1
(506)  635-1731 phone
(506) 635-1779 fax

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